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The Quibbler

Tom Felton on Alan Rickman (Calgary Expo 2014)


@LadyLidia95 : Mis entradas para ver a #MolotovJukebox mañana 8D

"Dracoyou are no assassin.”

We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy.

the potter generation

14. Bellatrix or Narcissa

Bellatrix was first drawn to Lord Voldemort because they both believe in an ideology that favors pure-bloods over other members of the wizarding community. Her family motto, from her maiden name of Black was “Toujours Pur”, which is French for “always pure”, which makes it clear that she was taught at a young age that pure bloods were the ideal wizards.

this is the most accurate representation of this scene


Tom Felton for Essential Homme

The reaping takes only a minute. Effie, shining in a wig of metallic gold, lacks her usual verve. She has to claw around the girls’ reaping ball for quite a while to snag the one piece of paper that everyone already knows has my name on it. Then she catches Haymitch’s name.

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